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Office365 E3 and E5 Users

Bridge Operator Console provides a wide range of features that give your organization enterprise voice capability when moving to the cloud PBX offerings of E3 and E5. Bridge Operator Console has received Microsoft's highest level certification on Office 365 Cloud PBX, Hybrid, and On-Prem Skype for Business.

Office 365 E3 and E5 Compatible

Unique Feature - Predictive Transfer

The Predictive Transfer feature leverages much-factor parallel machine learning algorithms to identify the most logical persons or places a caller is trying to reach within an organization. This feature provides the best possible customer service experience by reducing the time between call answer, and call arrival at its final destination. The majority of our test cases have shown 100% accuracy which means operators selected the top identified transfer location presented to them every time.

Bridge Operator Console Certifications

Bridge Operator Console is the only attendant console to have passed the highest level of certification on Cisco Unified Communications and Microsoft Skype for Business. Using a certified solution ensures the highest level of quality, and continued support from your platform provider.

Certified for Skype for Business Certified for Skype for Business

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